RAM's Vision

RAM USA's Vision

The Roofing/Building Envelope Industry is Broken!

After 30 years of roofing and building system experience, we created the RAM Family of services to be an advocate for the building owner and manager. RAM USA is a single-source solution for protecting your portfolio of building assets with the most cost effective services.

We work for you, not a manufacturer or a contractor. So, you can count on us to provide the information and services you need to minimize your roofing costs, manage your roofing, wall, foundation and entire building envelope project, and take responsibility for the job from start to finish – and into the future.

Fixing the roofing and building envelope industry required establishing innovative techniques and services streamlining the way we assess, recommend and resolve facility challenges across the U.S. RAM's consulting & engineering business model taps into cost effective solutions to reduce client's capital, operational and maintenance expenditures.

Contact us today, to see how we can help ease your roofing and building envelope pains!