Maintenance and Warranty Programs

Maintenance & Service Programs

RAM has developed programs to perform routine maintenance checks on roofs. RAM's Roof Asset Management system provides a budget forecast and prioritizes spending, tracks maintenance and repairs while managing the Roof Portfolio. It is designed to protect and extend the life of the building roof, structure and content.

Maintenance Reviews will detect minor problems before damage is widespread, adding years to the roof life while significantly reducing cost.

Did you know?

  • Most roofing manufacturers require semi-annual roof inspections
  • Lack of such inspections can lead to a voided roof warranty
  • RAM USA provides programs to ensure that your warranty is upheld

We have a variety of Roof Maintenance & Warranty Programs...

  • RAM can perform annual maintenance checks to ensure the roof system is working properly and to ensure warranties stay intact
  • RAM can take over ownership of the roof warranty and perform the necessary maintenance
  • RAM can take full ownership of that roof for 10-15 years

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs' Highlights:

  • Annual/Bi-Annual Inspections - A thorough inspection to locate problems.
  • Housekeeping - Schedule removal of debris from roof, drains and gutters. Repair potential problems.
  • Budgets - Determine and manage costs to avoid unexpected expenditures.
  • Warranty Assistance - Implement warranty maintenance requirements. Provide documentation of inspections and maintenance.